Yes, it is prohibited!
The prohibited topic, sexual aesthetics, which we do not talk about, we do not express, hide and stay away from life, joy, and sexuality with its consequences…
Today, I want to speak about sexual aesthetics, one of the most sensitive topics, and encourage you talk about it and take a step!
Genital or sexual aesthetic problems are the issues most women face in life. Even this topic is unspoken and prohibited.
Maybe, it could be the reason that we have grown or still grow in a culture that keeps recourses, books, and encyclopedias on sexual health in chests and under bed…
As an inevitable result of this, no matter how educated, cultured and high life standards we have, when we become an adult we can observe that this “sexual aesthetic” issue has always remained in views of old generations, we have done nothing to improve or change this situation. Women actually experience self-confidence problems like as having sexual frigidity, moving away from their husband and partner in terms of this resolvable “problem”.
Not only thinking about genital plastic surgery, but also coming to the examination is a nightmare.
No matter how much I try to make my patients feel comfortable in our conversations, even if i empathize with them, I know that this “shame” situation is a role reflection of attributed to women deeply…
Therefore, I try to do my best and break this taboo in a humble way as a male member of this culture.
Unfortunately, it is not easy to break these taboos. However, it is not considered fate!
First, courage and self-confidence!
I trust women’s power and determination to change!
It is normal to encounter these problems such as genital problems, prolapses, softening, changes, and unaesthetic appearances in terms of multiple births, cesarean section, aging, getting and losing a lot of weight.
Thus, discomfort in social life in addition to pains and lack of self-confidence in sexual intercourse is one of the serious problems women face.
I express it emphatically that they are very normal! Most women experience them in real life!
You can be sure that it is not worth living this pain and lack of self-confidence for years.
Aesthetic plastic surgery has progressed in genital aesthetics.
It is one of the most implemented surgeries in the world. A comfortable and congenial life of which effects and beauty will continue forever is possible for every woman!
Make a move for yourself, your health, beauty, and comfort!
Research this subject and look for an experienced and caring doctor who will understand you!
Make an appointment immediately!
I should say that do not choose your doctor because of the number of followers on Instagram, choose him/her regarding his/her respect and care for you!
Live your love, romance, sexuality as much as you want!
Life is beautiful when you love! Women are beautiful when they love or are loved.