Today, there is so much intense information that we can hardly focus on anything anymore. Everything is like a figure for us that needs to be consumed quickly. This incapability to focus is a potential danger in our daily and business life!

So what is focusing? How does it become a problem?

Firstly, focusing is the ability to manage data obtained through the five senses by getting attention without being affected by internal and external stimuli. As result of experiencing various difficulties on getting and maintaining attention (focus) cause concentration disorders.

As an example, we could have difficulties to understand what we read while studying or reading a book. There may be times when we are unable to continue working or when we are distracted by a small noise even though we work at a desk for long hours.

So how can we deal with this problem?

I will share important information about what you can do to improve your focus and concentration skills when faced with such situations.

First of all, I should mention that there are certain parts in our brain that are determinants to concentrate. So, when and how the brain has difficulty in concentrating, let’s research it briefly.

Transition square: We have two main centers that manage our concentration skills.

Our first basic center is the “frontal cortex” located in the front of our brain. It is responsible for many cognitive functions such as thinking, organizing, and making decisions. Rrontal cortex ensures us to control our natural instinct that directs us to resist distractions and engage in more fun things

Our second main center is the “limbic system” that helps to control basic emotions and behaviors such as motivation, learning, pleasure, perception, and is responsible for many functions.

For example, You have an important meeting tomorrow. We are supposed to study, however, at the same time we want to watch our favorite TV series.

The limbic system says “Watching a movie is more enjoyable, you should watch a movie”, however, the frontal cortex says, “No, don’t watch the movie, if you watch it, your meeting will be bad and you will be unhappy.”

How can we improve your focus and concentration?

To increase our performance efficiency:

1. Let’s get to know ourselves well.
Let’s organize a suitable work place for us. We should work sitting at a regular desk and determine how long we will continue our work. Let’s not forget to plan our breaks when we determine our work time.

2. Let’s not let get distracted.
When we start any work we may want to turn to a different study immediately. Turning to another work before the work we started is finished can cause us get distracted.

3. Let’s make a task list.

Listing the works we will do in order of importance will help increase our concentration. We can lists tasks as very important, somewhat important, and unimportant. For this, you can ask these questions to yourself “Which is more important?” “What do I need to do first?” “Should I choose my wishes or my needs?” .

4. Let’s take good care of ourselves.
We should do some things to keep our mind and body healthy. Eating healthy, sleeping regularly, doing physical activities, and doing brain exercises have significant effects on increasing our concentration.

5. Let’s pay attention to our nutrition.
Eating natural products is also very good for our brain health avoiding sugary foods and high-carb foods.

6. Regular sleep is very important.
Regular sleep, that is, going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time, having a routine sleep time helps us focus in the day.

7. Doing regular exercises is one of the most important factors that help focus.
Doing exercise is very important. Spending time in nature is also a very good exercise. Or we can do breathing exercises at home.

8. Let’s organize playtimes considering our interests.
You can improve your concentration with attention and focus games that are enjoyable to play.

9. Let’s ask for expert support.
If you experience chronic and serious problems in focusing and maintaining your attention, getting support from an expert will help you solve the problem in a healthier and more comfortable way.

So we are beautiful. There is a moment when you and I are beautiful and we feel beautiful, is not there? I want you to remember that moment. That moment when you shine, you are sure of looking beautiful, and you change your walk and stance…
Now let’s remember what made you feel beautiful at that moment.
Could these things be possible, such as a small success, taking a deep breath after a difficult meeting, the news that your job application has been accepted, pass an exam you stuck, impress the man you like with your joke, your loves says “I love you”, or you hear the sentences “You look beautiful” after you had botox and fleshy lips, and similar ones?
These moments have common something. Isn’t important to feel self-confidence and self-satisfaction always coming inside? It was not the brightest day of your skin, you didn’t wear the best dress or the best make-up. When you stopped and thought for a moment, did you say “Oh really girl!” like me? You did…
There is a saying that I like “the body is the garment of the soul”. I remember this saying when I feeling way down and ugly. What I want to say is that my body is only a reflection of my soul. As my soul accepts itself as if my body wraps up with such a frequency, such a light.
Beauty is like a spiral wave coming from the inside out. No matter how much you mingle with Ayse, Fulya, Merve, and Melis inside you, how often you ask yourself “What’s wrong, darling?!”, it so much returns.
I may seem to be making the joke “Beauty is in us”, but should we take seriously this phrase, which is balsam in our language and which none of us believe, but which is always used when the time comes up?
So how?
Dalai Lama says “Happiness is not something that is always available, our actions create it”. I think beauty is like that as well. Unless the beauty in us meets the actions satisfaction and happiness do not come. Here, I mean the steps you take make you feel good about yourself. I talk about a wide range of actions starting from feeding a stray cat until being under the hands of a plastic surgeon.
Take care of yourself. Show kindness yourself. Actually, be your own mother. What does this mean? Your mother is kind to you, she brings a cardigan to you, she cries with you in heartbreak, she finds a reason to forgive your every mistake, she makes soup when you are sick…Start being a mother to yourself, that is, to be kind to yourself right now. As of this moment, it is in your hands to make yourself more beautiful.
Try being kind to your hooknose, slightly pale skin, dark circles under your eyes, and your cellulite. You said, “We will try, but it is hard, dear”.I heard. Because I tell this way to myself when I write. This conflict will never end, but be kind to your conflict as well. Try. Right now. Take a look at yourself and talk to your least favorite part. Face the thing that you consider so much important, that makes you “ugly.” Is this your only one? Is this “evil” look the scariest thing you have ever experienced in your life?
No, of course. None of us is uglier or more beautiful than the other. We are one and only. And we live in this life right now. With difficulties or with pleasure…
And we are getting old. Yeah. This is a reality in the Earth system. Even though some people seem to be shown favor, everyone is getting old. Inevitably. When you speak it out loud, you feel relieved. Only my cheeks did not fall on my neck…
Ingmar Bergman says “Getting older looks like climbing a mountain, the more you climb, the more tired you get, the shorter your breath is, but your viewpoint widens.” He is my favorite movie director. Thankfully let this word put our mind at rest. Let us spill the beans immediately, girls.
Do not call it getting old, it is getting an age… Whatever you say, what phrases you express, beauty is not related to age, it is in our mind. So, it is in consciousness.
Supposing that we intend to have this consciousness, I would like to emphasis mainly on action again.
Your action may be to buy a new red lipstick, lose weight, start doing exercises, or it may be aesthetic practices for beautification and rejuvenation. Me and people who are prejudiced like me in this topic. Let’s meet next….
If necessary, whether it is a needle on your face, or a surgery table… Do it to feel yourself better, to feel yourself more beautiful!
It is amazing to observe the difference that small changes make in your life, and more.
Do it out of self-compassion, not out of self-love, dissatisfaction. A “mistake” is not a “missing”, make a “change” as an “innovation”. Let it be our task to consider the difference.

Melis Ozcan