Is it more natural to place it beneath the muscle or beneath the breast?

Since there are so many urban legends about this subject, I wanted to explain everything in detail and answer any questions you might have.

Without further hesitation, let me state unequivocally that both methods provide the most natural and best solutions. The important thing is to use the appropriate method on the appropriate patient.

I'd like to share some of the frequently asked questions from my patients with you. In this way, I believe that we will find answers to most of your questions on this subject.

Round or drop?

In the case of breast implants, the shape of the implant makes no difference in terms of results. When applied to the right area in the right patient, both types of implants, whether round or drip, appear natural.

Following the patient's bodily measurements, we plastic surgeons decide whether to use round or drop implants.

In terms of natural results, there is no difference between the two implants.

Under breast? Nipple? Armpit?

Breast implants can be planned with incisions made from these three places.

Breast implant surgery, which is performed through an incision in your breast fold, is, in my opinion, the most successful, dependable, effective, and advantageous method for all types of breasts.

Can I breastfeed?

Patients can continue to breastfeed after breast implant surgery; breast surgery is not an impediment to breastfeeding.

Is there any loss of sensation in the nipple?

No, there is no problem of sensation in the nipple after breast surgery.

Do I have to replace my breast implant every few years?

Breast implants of the latest generation can remain in your body for a lifetime, so you do not need to replace them.

Will my breast sag if I have a breast implant?

This is one of the interesting questions asked of me. Sagging is not caused by breast implants (very large implants may be like 1000 cc)

However, as a woman's breast ages, goes through pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain and loss, and so on, it may loosen and become deformed.

Will my breast implant burst?

Breast implants do not spontaneously explode. The manufacturers guarantee that new generation implants will not explode. However, stab wounds, accidents, and trauma can all cause your breast implant to fail.

Does breast implant cause breast cancer?

Breast implants do not cause breast cancer.

See you next week… Stay healthy and beautiful…