In recent years, interest in aesthetic plastic procedures and operations has increased a lot all over the world. People can now use the concept of beauty side by side with health. This shows us how important correct and appropriate practices are. Turkey draws attention with its increasing patient potential worldwide, especially in the last five years.

In statistics, Turkey, leaving Germany and Italy behind, is in a position to compete with the USA and Russia.

So what is the secret in this rise of Turkey?

First of all, I should start by saying that I am really proud of this situation as an aesthetic plastic surgeon of this country. If I list the main reasons why Turkey ranks first in these statistics, first of all, I would like to say that the hand skills of Turkish surgeons are worldwide. When I look at the results of the procedures and surgeries that I follow in international platforms, seminars and publications, I can say with peace of mind that Turkish surgeons really have incredible dexterity and talent. I even think that the best doctors in Europe are Turkish doctors.

One of the things that makes Turkey worldwide in aesthetics is the specialization of surgeons. Patients can choose doctors with strong practice for their needs.

Turkish surgeons have proven to be very successful in many areas of aesthetic plastic surgery. Of course, there are certain aesthetic applications that every surgeon likes to do, be very interested in and enjoys practicing. This is one of the fun parts of our job. Of course, specializing in these highlighted areas also draws the attention of the patient profile. Although I perform surgeries in many areas of plastic surgery, one of the areas I enjoy the most is facial surgery. Face lift and rejuvenation have a special importance for me. For my patients who reach me from all over the world, I am almost a facial repairman... I hear this from my patients, although it is a bit ambitious, it actually expresses the following; Our face is the bond we establish with the outside world, a kind of business card. We are remembered with our face, we communicate with our face. For this reason, facial surgery, how the correct applications are performed on the face and what it serves is very important for me. It is very valuable to improve myself in every field of aesthetic surgery and to add value to my patient's life in every new procedure.

Another factor is technology. I can say that the technological developments in the aesthetics sector are followed meticulously by Turkey and that service is provided with world-class technology. This shows that the statistics are not a surprise for us, but a final success and result.

We follow the latest technological developments moment by moment. Any new application and technological development in America and Europe can be started to be implemented by us in Turkey within the same week. This is of great importance for our global patient and client portfolio and reveals our difference. Besides, one of the most important factors is that the pricing of the service of this quality and capability is appropriate. Aesthetic practices are not covered in the insurance policies of many countries. Successful and relatively affordable services of Turkish doctors for these procedures, which are more expensive in their

countries, attract people from many countries of the world to Turkey. While people are getting beautiful, they can also explore our beautiful country. This turns into an exciting adventure for them rather than an operation.

Well, if we ask how the global crisis pandemic has affected this process; Contrary to expectations, I can say that it caused an increase and even an explosion in plastic surgery. As there can be many psychological reasons for this, I think it may be that our eye area attracts extra attention with the use of masks. In these last two years, I have had hundreds of patients who had botox for the first time. Their complaints were that the wrinkles around the eyes attracted a lot of attention under the mask. I think that one of the reasons for the explosion of aesthetic procedures is that people only have their faces on the screen and the attention is directed to the face during long meetings on the internet under working conditions from home. People who are constantly faced with their own faces on the screen; complaining about many things, come with dissatisfaction that starts with their face in particular and continues with other areas. Many people who have had aesthetic operations in mind for a long time have these operations because they can take advantage of working from home and spend the healing process more comfortably at home. Besides, we can say that in small procedures, the mask did not attract attention during the post-procedure recovery phase. People can socialize under the mask without attracting attention until the healing process is completed. When we look at Turkey's plastic surgery report card, if I think about the last two years we spent under pandemic conditions; I see that surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures have become widespread in all segments of society, regardless of men - women, middle class - high class, young - old. I see from my own experience that the patient profile is evolving towards a more conscious, investigative and quality pursuit, and this makes me very happy. It is very valuable that the profile of Turkish clients and patients is conscious, that they can distinguish between truth and beauty, and that they can choose quality.

If we look at the world patient portfolio; If I were to give an example from my own clinic, I have seen an increase in my patients coming from Europe for facial aesthetics, breast and nose aesthetics in recent years. I can easily say that breast and body shaping are preferred more in the Middle East and Arab countries.

As a result, Turkey is definitely in the top 3 in the world in terms of success, satisfaction and pricing in aesthetic surgery. The importance of being able to reach thousands of patients from both our country and the world and gain their trust is an incredible thing for us. I know that every person I touch is my signature, and I continue my surgery with this responsibility. This trust of my patients in me keeps me on the alert to follow all the developments, innovations and technologies in the world, and it always encourages me to seek the better and the perfect.