In the Spring issue ofVOX, you will find my sky interpretations for March, April, May 2022. However, the end of April and May are a little more important than other times. Because there will be both solar and lunar eclipses. We will experience a Solar Eclipse on April 30 and a Lunar Eclipse on May 16. Of course, other celestial events will also be reflected in our lives, but the new moon and full moons near the lunar nodes indicate important fateful times.

Eclipses in the Taurus-Scorpio axis will shed light on what our shadow sides are and in which direction we should turn it into friendly energy. It is up to us to make this friendship permanent. So we will have to face our fears and accept them. Thus, we will be able to come out of that fear and feel safe.

Since the Solar Eclipse coincides with the last day of April, I have evaluated its possible effects under the heading of “May”. If you read your rising sign, you will be more likely to find the interpretations in your life.

However, I want you to know that; planets/lights are just tools that give us the opportunity to observe our lives. Therefore, do not forget that you have the will to shape your destiny!


March: You may be tempted by the idea of staying at home, lying on the sofa and watching TV series/movies/TV in all your busyness. Yes, you should take care of your rest. Otherwise, you may encounter some physical and mental problems. If you are not in a relationship, you may be drawn to more secret relationships. If you're in a relationship, it's time for families to meet.

April: You are at a time when you can turn your focus to yourself and present yourself in an extraordinary way. If you do not progress in a controlled manner, you may encounter unexpected financial problems. It is good to be careful in your relationship. Don't let elders come between you.

May: An unexpected opportunity may come your way to increase your earnings. It is important that you act cautiously so that this opportunity, which you will want to jump into, does not turn into a fiasco for you. You need to balance disagreements with authority figures before rolling up your sleeves to seize the opportunity.


March: You can take action by setting a new goal for abroad, higher education, courses and see your goal grow in an unexpected way. If you are not in a relationship, you can start a love affair with someone you have met online.

April: Time to take care of your health. Realize what you need to do to improve your health and daily life. If you are thinking of moving or changing jobs, you can put this plan into action this month.

May: A period of great changes in your life. The actions you take in line with your goals can bear fruit this month, so you can have a good opportunity to reveal your own worth. You can start a long-term relationship with someone from your circle of friends and even decide to get married.


March: You should dissipate the energy of complacency about your career and make plans that are firmly on the ground. If there is an inheritance situation, some crisis events may occur. You may be attracted to older people. If you are a student, pay attention to disciplined work.

April: You can quickly enroll in a course related to your goals that will benefit you in the future. If you are unemployed, you may receive a job offer. If you have had a breakup recently, you can review the problems and decide to reunite.

May: If you are interested in spiritual matters, you can create a new career field for yourself by using your knowledge on these subjects. Support from your family will make you feel good. Being complacent about anything will be your biggest enemy in this period.


March: If you want to start a new training in spiritual matters, go on long journeys, or if you wish to move, you can do it. If you need it, you can get financial support from your siblings or family elders. If you have a crisis relationship, you can decide to end it, if you do not have a relationship, you can set sail for a passionate love.

April: You may want to spend the money you have saved for a while to start a business with your siblings. In this period, be careful not to make a quick decision, to examine every detail thoroughly, and to get help from people who are knowledgeable about the subject. An operation related to one of your family elders may be on the agenda.

May: Even though you are in an ideal time to create new sources of money related to abroad, keep your savings. You can start a relationship with a new person when you least expect it. In order not to get upset later, make sure that some things are not ambiguous about relationships.


March: A long pending issue regarding debts, inheritances may be clarified. You may be living in a time where the money goes as it comes. You should stay away from emotional spending for a while. You may have to work too hard to get your mind off work. Even at this intensity, love can knock on your door.

April: If you're having trouble learning a foreign language, give yourself another chance. Be planned and calm so that you do not lose interest in the subject. You can go to the next level in your relationship, and if you have a problematic relationship, you can decide to end it. A friendship relationship can turn into a love relationship.

May: You may come across an opportunity to reveal yourself in your business life, the promotion you expect may happen. You can arbitrarily spend a little extra for your family and loved ones. Be careful not to spend too much. Be careful not to be restrictive in your relationships.


March: You can start a relationship with someone older than you. You can change your image and adopt new habits by adopting a healthy diet. You can turn your talents into money. You can plan trips to nearby cities.

April: You can make sudden expenses to bring a freer order to your daily life. The increase in your salary may be better than you expect. You can choose social media to earn more and work in this field.

May: Even if your responsibilities tire you, you can do permanent work in the international arena, and if you have a foreign language learning problem, you can get rid of this problem permanently. You can even publish a book if you wish. You can spend unpredictably for your loved ones.


March: You can start a new job. You can create a new order to take more care of your health; however, in order to be stable, you must establish this order by knowing why you are doing what you are doing, by gaining awareness. You should be especially careful with your words to avoid family problems.

April: You can step into a new relationship, but you should not make your relationship the center of your life and you should always know how to draw personal boundaries. If it's a partnership, make sure the responsibilities are equal. Otherwise, the excess responsibility you will take may put you in trouble.

May: You can see that the land, land or inheritance issue, which has been on your agenda for a while, has suddenly been resolved. You can seize opportunities to increase your financial resources. You may experience difficulties in organizing your daily life.


March: You can think about love relationships, disappointments, secret relationships and decide to present yourself in this area in a different way. If you are thinking of changing jobs, you can get job offers from the places you have interviewed before.

April: You can get into an intense pace. You may experience frequent headaches due to fatigue. You can move to a new house or consider moving to another city. If you are away from your family, you may want to visit them.

May: You should use this period to transform your relationship with yourself instead of making decisions and getting offended by everyone. You can sign a permanent relationship or partnership when you least expect it. If you are considering having children, this is the right time for you.


March: You are in a period of new beginnings in family matters. You can move in with your family or just go visit them. You may have sudden opportunities to find or change a job.

April: If you're planning to be a parent, it's time. If you are not in a relationship, you can quickly set sail for a new love. This person may be a friend you have known before. You are in a period when you can truly feel the moral support of your family.

May: A job that you have been working on for a while may become more permanent in your life. You can switch to a new diet related to your health and create new and permanent routines for yourself. You may decide to remove some of your addictions from your life.


March: If there is a book you have been thinking of writing for a while, you can roll up your sleeves for it. You can overcome the financial difficulties that plague your mind by discovering new generation ways of earning. For this, be sure to consult an expert.

April: You may decide to move quickly to a new home. You can get promoted or change jobs. You can buy electronic goods and turn to social media to increase your money source.

May: Sparks of love may arise between you and a friend you have fun with on online platforms. If you want to be a parent, you can use this time. Do not sign a contract without knowing all the details.


March: If you've been feeling constrained for a long time, there's something you need to know; you are actually limiting yourself. You should become aware of this reality and focus on the doors of financial gain that you ignore. This month is a great time to know your own worth.

April: Some developments related to your siblings may come to your agenda, you can ask them for help to reveal yourself. You can take a short trip for a treat.

May: Do not miss this period when you can make a big change in your career. You can use your talents to achieve your life purpose. You may be tempted to overdo it with spending, so be careful.


March: If you don't get complacent, you are in a period where your light will shine and you can reach your career goals. You may be struggling with financial problems for a long time. Providing nutritional aid to babies between the ages of 0-1.5 in accordance with your budget will regulate the energy flow in your financial area.

April: You can start a new project, create a source of money. If there is money you expect, it can be paid to you. Meanwhile, you may find covert support from siblings, cousins, friends, or authority figures.

May: You are in a time where you can express yourself by writing and even earn money. This could be a long-running media-related project. Take care to be flexible in order to be prepared for the issues that will create a crisis in the group you are in.