When did you share a photo without filters on social media last time?
Do you remember?
Do not blame yourself because we are in the same situation.
My job as an aesthetic plastic surgeon is to move images with filters to real life.
Therefore, my motto is always NO FILTER!
Now, if I ask you, what you need for yourself, what your first respond would be?
Your weight, wrinkles, face fell a prey to time, or prolapses caused by being an altruistic mother?
What did you last do for yourself? What gift did you buy for yourself? Did you feel yourself beautiful when you looked in the mirror?
I wish this fall wipe traces of last difficult years off in our faces and bodies, even though cannot erase them in our hearts. And I also desire rugged people of my tired country distinguishing their beauty again! Let them remember!
I have met with hundreds of people until now. I have observed that small touches can make big smiles. Of course, it is the most enjoyable thing I do in life. Therefore, the project “NO FILTER” which I started means great importance to me.
Maybe I am unable to heal pain, unhappiness, and hurt feelings, however, I can reunite you with the mirror! It could be enough to feel for a second that you are satisfied with your appearance in the mirror. It is not difficult to imagine how your life has changed in a positive way.
NO FILTER, I can say that it is my manifesto, one of exciting stops in my life in addition to be a transformation project causing change and beauty. I hope I will have an opportunity to reach out many people that I have never touched.
If it is the time of change, transformation and new beginnings, why do you not improve it starting from your valuable treasure which is your body?
Hippocrates says: “Before you heal someone, ask that person: Are you ready to give up the things that make you sick?”
Sometimes, it is easier to complaint than actually take action. However, people who step forward will be able to create their higher version in this period where we are exposed to change and transform in pain.
Now, I also ask you: Are you ready for change with NO FILTER?
Keep on following…We will start soon…