What are the obstacles that prevent us from making peace with mirrors?

Is it our age, weight, sagging skin, wrinkles, or social media?

Why are we not satisfied with ourselves, with our appearance? Do you ever think about it?

I do. Because my job is to show people in more beautiful, happier, healthier and young. This week, I would like to talk about this issue a little.

We all want to be a better, prettier, and younger version of ourselves to a certain extent. To be honest, I haven't met a person who feels enough and satisfied for a long time. Even when you ask the most beautiful people in the world, they will say that they would be more beautiful and happier if such and such was like this instead of that.

Social media has ruined us!

With the excessive amount of time we spend on social media in recent years, we have come to the point of comparing ourselves with others about our body, face, house, garden, spouse, and even our kids. We cannot seem to get out of this situation.

Especially the celebrities, models, actors, and influencers we follow make us feel bad about ourselves. We start to see the parts of ourselves ugly because we dont look like them. We think if only we could be more like them, maybe everything would be better.

I see that people in their 20s and 30s are more likely to put themselves in this situation of assuming and feeling unsatisfied with their lives. Unfortunately, we are talking about a young generation who is unhappy and does not like themselves. There may be many socio-economic, cultural, and psychological reasons for this situation.

But the point we should see and arrive at in this situation is that we are all one and unique. That we are individually and independently our own selves. When people come to me wanting to look like a celebrity they like, I introduce them to themselves with the help of a mirror. I realize that we don't really look at the mirror in front of which we spend a lot of time almost every day. They realize that. On many occasions, I saw that we do not really see ourselves, we look at ourselves without seeing. After achieving this awareness, we reveal the true intentions and wishes together. We make Ayşe's lip fuller rather than trying to make it look like Angeline Jolie's, we make Fatma's nose more elegant in a way that is unique to her rather than trying to make it look like Gigi Hadid's. This self-confidence and happiness of being yourself is much more satisfying and gratifying than trying to look like a celebrity or getting into fashion aesthetic trends. In this way, they become more beautiful and younger with much more joy and love.

As an aesthetic plastic surgeon, I can say that I have developed my awareness on this subject over the years. As a result of my meetings, aesthetic touches, and interventions with hundreds and thousands of people, I realized that when we take a step for ourselves, we feel better with small or bold steps.

Taking a step instead of complaining! If you can't take a step, start small!

Everyone's time and pace of action is different. Don't worry, you're not late for anything. Thankfully, there is a cure for many deformities and aging in aesthetic interventions.

You can create a better, more beautiful, and younger self with a plastic surgeon who understands you and is sensitive to your wishes. Take a step now for a better and healthier version of yourself. This could be going for a walk or even a little botox treatment. It does not matter. As long as we think about satisfaction and happiness with ourselves again.

I'm curious about your views on this. Let's discuss it together on my social media. See you next week with another article...