Spring months warm us all and prepare us for the wonderful energy of summer.

It purifies the tiredness and calmness of winter and revitalizes us. It is obvious that we will frequently see this revival in colors in the spring of 2022.

The most striking feature among the 2022 fashion trends is the frequent and intense use of neon colors, unlike pastel tones. It seems like we will see ‘Pantone 18-2042 | Innuendo , that is neon pink and particularly chosen among the colors of the year, frequently in all the showcases. Pantone 16-1349 Coral Rose, which is as vibrant as the burning orange of the sun, and which is among the colors chosen as a trend for the spring months, will appear frequently.

We will start using neon colors, which will make a rapid return to our lives as of spring, as many pieces or sets instead of using one piece.

Skirt–top sets, jacket – trousers combinations, multi-colored, large and flamboyant jewelry sets…

In spring fashion, neon colors do not return to our lives alone. Along with this; half sleeve knitwear, low waist and long flared legs make a quick entry into our lives.

This season, we say hello to half sleeve knitwear again. Don't forget to reserve a place in your closet for these pieces before spring comes. Knitwear that you can easily combine with everything will also reflect spring with the vividness of colors and catch the eye.

From the beginning of the 2000s, the waist of the trousers began to rise and the high waist entered our lives. The legend of the low waist returns with the spring season. It is possible to see plenty of low waists, especially in trousers and jeans, in the new season products released by famous brands.

In the same way, tight-fitting legs had started to give way to looser legs in the last few seasons. With the 2022 Spring season, it took on an even more abundant and long form. Trousers that extend to the bottom of the shoes will appear in almost every store this season.

Finally, let's take a look at the accessories. While the spring months made flowers bloom in our lives with many innovations in fashion, they did not forget the accessories. Colorful beads, arm bracelets, body accessories will be the pieces that will take their places in our lives this season. In addition, XXL hoop earrings made a comeback, just like the low waist fashion we left in the 2000s.

As I said at the beginning, the spring months always prepare us for summer with its regenerative energy.

Follow this energy that fashion has brought us. As VOX Aesthetic Moda readers, listen to our advice and get ready for the new season...