You have been in “horn of a dilemma” situation for a while. I feel you ask the question “How do I keep this balance?”. I do not advice you making a decision on this case in this period. No worries! Your thoughts about your relationship will become clearer in last days of October. You will have the power to wear your war mask and start changes in your life by overcoming your fears in November. Do not forget that you are expected more serious cases in November. You may have to loosen your purse strings at once. Never ignore your health! November does not forgive indolence. I tell you….

You go through a period where your colleagues make you tired more in terms of the intensity of your work. Do not get sad when you hear people gossiping behind your back! You will be supported by your bases at the end of the day. All you have to do is control your anger. When you achieve this, the rest will come like in rapid succession. Your bilateral relations will be active in November. It is time for “seeds to be saplings, saplings to trees, trees to forests”. Here, I mean that if you have been dating for a while, it is time to name your relationship. Of course, you may set the fire on the existing forest. Nobody in your life? Then expect unforeseeable things. My recommendation to you is to stay calm and under not to give on the head when you meet that person!

When we say new people, new loves why ex-lovers come across the seas? You get confused now, right? If they come, of course, you have a few words to tell. Do you mind rising clouds of dust with your sharp tongue or giving a new chance to the old love? It could be thoughtful to think about this choice in November. I think you should question how fair you are to each other in the relationship. The result will lead to get the answer. Do not forget that if you say willful ignorance, you will have to face this choice in November. Do not neglect your health checks in November. You can easily find the right doctor and get rid of your problem with an operation.

You experience a full period where relatives do not leave your house. Family elders, family minors… Married, divorced, engaged, separated… Endless family gossip and you who try to keep the whole family together. It is a breakpoint to go to work and take a breath in this mess. Fortunately, this situation will not last long! You deserve passionate love as well. If you do not have a workplace to take shelter, will it bring you that person with whom you will feel deeply in love? We will see in November.

You are in a period where you are full of beans, take short trips, meet old friends unexpectedly, and chat with them. If you are not in a relationship, look at those old friends carefully. They or their friends can be the protagonists of a fun relationship. If you want to be serious in your relationship, be prepared for the crises that can start in your family in November. If you are already in a relationship, you could be asked “Marry!” by your family as well. You may have to share your earnings with your parents and handle crisis management in November. You can be offensive to them under stress. Try to be fair and gentle to avoid regrets. You will feel calm when you write your feelings down.

If you plan to increase your financial resources, evaluate offers from your old workplace, a job you have applied for, or an old friend attentively. If this business includes a partnership, it would be beneficial to be too particular before signing. Cases that are not well evaluated in October can be annoying in November. You have difficulty in organizing your daily life for a while or you are exhausted by being in the same rhythm all the time. November will help you about a new lifestyle. If you work online at home, you can sometimes try to work in a cafe. Who knows, maybe you can find the love there what you have been waiting for a while.

You may go through a time when you cannot assert yourself in relationships, act alone, or keep a balance of giving and receiving. Is not it time to put an end to this softly? Consider October as a short period of time to pamper yourself. Take the first step to be that person you want to see yourself. Buy gifts to yourself. For example, sit alone in a cafe and listen to music. Do not forget that you deserve to buy and wear that beautiful outfit just like your loved ones. Remove the shadow of your old loves from your head. If you do not reinforce your sense of self-worth in October, anger you feel for

You have been trying to heal some traces left by old relationships in your life by going into your shell for a while. Your inner voice is almost garrulous. It will be good for your soul to write these feelings down instead of keeping these conversations inside. No worries! It will not always last like this. Even if your elders do not know any better, be open to their support and wait until November. You will throw away the cobwebs on you and you will be reborn from your ashes. An unexpected job opportunity may knock on your door through your friends. If you want to be successful, stay away from your fears and snuggle your talents.

You are in a period when you feel energetic and beautiful. You can meet with your friends that you have not seen for a long time and meet someone you like very much thanks to them. Even if your feelings are mutual, if you expect the other side to start the relationship, then say “Hello” to the platonic love of November! If you take the step, you may tend to hide your relationship from others. November is also a month when your intuition is strong and what is hidden from you can reveal. You can prefer having a short vacation and letting it all hang out with the money you save instead of turning in on yourself and staying away from everyone because of what you have experienced. It is your choice!

You have been saying “Money, money, money!” like Napoleon for a while because of your some financial problems. It can be said that your relationship with both your co-workers and your bases poured fuel on the fire. You are at a time when you will realize that you have made too many concessions to balance your career. If you think of crypto money as an investment, you can feel the pinch in November. Even if you do not like it, spending time with your parents is the only thing good for your spirit. November is a month when you need to rebuild your environment in order to create funds for yourself. Even love can knock on your door in this way. If I were you, I would start the change work before November.

It is time for new courses and trainings for you. You can be very confused. Should you continue the foreign language course you left uncompleted, start sports, attend online seminars, go on a trip or go shopping? Obviously, October is a month where you want to spend a lot of money. I emphasize you will because you have not been in a very heartwarming period financially for a while. You live in the situation “Easy come, easy go”. You have not saved at least 3 pennies; however, it has not been observed that you have a good time with money. November indicates the time when you can take a step in your career and see your future a little more easily financially.

You can brood on “how I will complete this month” with your installments and payments. It has been a while you feel bored. Getting psychological support and being busy with art will be good for your distress. If you have a problem with your bases, this is a good time to be reconciled. You can want to take a short vacation or switch to remote work in November. You are in the home stretch. Try to get through November calmly. It will be more spacious. Bet your life!

Bahar Tornacı
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